Boat Ride - Hampi, India 2012 (above)

Boat Ride - Hampi, India 2012 (above)

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Save Our NHS: Junior Doctors third strike

The Junior Doctors from St Bartholomew's Hospital joined the third industrial action British Medical Association strike yesterday.

Dr Kyle McBeath has chosen to take a year out of training because of the uncertainty of the imposed seven-day contract.  Photo Credit: Valerie Browne
By Valerie Browne

It was an impassioned scene, the drizzly St Pauls steps were charged with several Junior Doctors yesterday dressed in scrubs chanting “Not safe, not fair” and “Save our NHS.”

The main reason Dr Kyle McBeath says he’s striking is because of concerns over Jeremy Hunt's ambiguous overhaul of doctors working contracts.  The new seven-day contract will come into mandatory effect as of August.

I didn’t become a doctor to work in
 a partly privatised system

“It’s imposed, not negotiated and there are great concerns on how a doctor workforce who is struggling to provide a five-day service will now provide a seven-day service with no extra funding or doctors."

Determined to get the public awareness and interaction they set up three defibrillators and offered passers-by life-saving emergency CPR lessons.

The junior doctors protested against Jeremy Hunt’s seven-day contract outside St Pauls cathedral.  Photo Credit: Valerie Browne
Rather than negotiate the man has imposed a contract 
upon us, what would you do?

 “I’m desperate to stay here and work for the NHS, I didn’t become a doctor to work in a partly privatised system. A number of my colleagues are opting to go abroad for better working conditions.”

A passer-by learns how to administer CPR  on a dummy with a defibrillator available at all underground & rail stations. Photo Credit: Valerie Browne
Dr McBeath said, “A man who is an ex-executive of a PR firm is trying to change working conditions that 98 percent have said are unfair and unsafe. Rather negotiating the man has imposed a contract upon us, what would you do?"

Each BMA strike, junior doctors withdraw all NHS care in hospitals leaving only the emergency services operational for 48 hours. As a result, thousands of operations have been cancelled and thousands more outpatient appointments.

High spirits despite the gloomy weather at the protest, there was plenty of chanting and beeping car horns. Photo Credit: Valerie Browne
The first two strikes were held on Tuesday the 12th January and Wednesday the 10th February.  Yesterday the strike started at 8am and will continue until 8am on Friday the 11th March.

The next scheduled strikes will take place from:
  • ·       8am on Wednesday 6 April to 8am on Friday 8 April
  • ·       8am on Tuesday 26 April to 8am on Thursday 28 April

Junior Doctors are already overwhelmed by the five-day schedule which leaves them concerned how they would cope with the new seven-day contract. Photo Credit: Valerie Browne

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